First Initial Pitch:

The main character Lawrence, a high school student, wanders home from his after school job. Lawrence seems and acts like he has no meaning in his life. He discovers a pair of glasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. On his way home he is wearing the glasses. From these glasses he notices that his town has a huge dome barrier around it so everyone is trapped in and the only way out is through a forest at the other side of his town where he finds the government is in hiding and are creating viruses to spread through the whole town and that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued. With this shocking discovery and small clues he figures out, Lawrence with a few of his friends try to fight to free humanity from the mind-controlling government and the viruses they made.

I think my target audience will be 16+. I planned my film to be a action dystopian film. The tone of our trailer will be quite gripping. We intend to scare the audience but have a dramatic plot twist type thing and make them aware of what it could be like if this did happen. This will keep them on edge and make them want to watch the film. There will be some type of voice overs possibly from Lawrence or the government. There will be many special effects involved and the pace will vary.  Characters involved are; Lawrence, his dog Sam, his friends who help; Hanna and Richard, and the government. This film will be set in a small town, with a dark forest on the other side of the town this is where the government is hiding.


  The feedback I got from the class was:

  • That It maybe hard to find or create a setting with a dome barrier over and around it. Suggestions to use instead were fences that are labeled ‘Warning hazard. Do not enter!!’
  • The use of voice overs from Lawrence and the government is said to be a good idea. However my next step is to think about the type of music, am I going to use a fast upbeat action kind of music or a slow quite mysterious sound??
  • In the trailer seeing as it is an action-dystopia type of film I need to think and add some action parts which will make suggest the trailer is both genres.


If I created my idea I would definitely use the feedback I got given as this is really useful on what people think of my Idea and what would make them want to watch it more etc.

Final concept:

We ended up scratching both my idea and Nicks idea and made a decision to do Callums. This is because we thought Callums idea was more interesting and could be quite easy with some of the ideas he has planned and he has already got a location in mind. I also really like how he said that it is linked to history and I enjoyed the story outline which brought me to liking this idea for our trailer.

Callums idea is set in a near future dystopia. It is an action thriller and has a few links to history as we know it. This project is named ‘Imperium’


After decades of peace through the full world senate, a democracy with representatives of every country and faction on the world. They successfully neutralized war abolished firearms and explosives, weapons of mass destruction have been dismantled. The peace has done wonders for the world, at the cost of many of the worlds natural rescores to keep everyone equal. sadly this has destabilized the world and interrupted the balance of nature rendering many species extinct, the world is now choked in a dense forest and thick marshlands. In the wake of catastrophic natural disasters the surviving humans re-build under a different government, the rise of the new monarchy. failing to control the entire world they divided the new monarchy into clans who wared throughout the few inhabited places left on earth.

The larger clans (who managed to crush or enslave the smaller ones) lived in peace one became the Scandinavian Union, the other was crowned the Anglo-Europa Republic. Greed and the realization that democracy has no place in this new savage world made the Anglo-Europa Republic re-form into an empire following in the new monarchy’s footsteps, they were called the British Imperium. Its ideals of order through uniform, were not so easily accepted by the Scandinavian-Union. War came and went, the Scandinavian-Union was broken into smaller cells and lived In the deadly forests where the Imperium dares not invade.

The imperium a new formed British Empire has taken over the world and rules with ideals of order and control, Firearms have been abolished. art and culture (that isn’t British) has been destroyed. Individualism Is a crime and all religion Is banned. Soldiers fight with weapons of an ancient time, swords shields spears. A single rebel group called the jack burners live in the forests and attack government troops in gorilla fashion

Cedric Von Witz ‘the masked king’ rules his urbanized Empire and dares not send his soldiers into the forests  inhabited by the rebels know as the jack burners, named that for their tendency to burn Imperium flags they have a pagan based religion so their symbolism will have a presence both at the end.



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